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Green UK is a web shop dedicated to Fashion. We unite the very best of the ethical fashion world. We showcase clothes, footwear and jewellery, complimented with a range of eco gifts, bodycare and homewares. All of our suppliers are chosen on the merits of their products and services and their proven credentials in the world of eco, fairtrade and ethical trading.

Fashion is our business, our driving philosophy is ethical trading, but we are here to bring you the very best and latest in ethical fashion. Our range of products covers everything from the smart business wear and apparel for formal occasions to jeans, denims, tee's and tops for the more casual look, as well as sexy eco lingerie and footwear. We promote many of the worlds best eco fashion houses, People Tree, Natural Collection, Seasalt, The Natural Store and Komodo to name but a few.

To finish that look, go for something from our great range of eco shoes, from ethical superstar's stars such as Gringo, Seasalt Organics, Terra Plana, Tatty Bumpkin, Patagonia and Po-Zu. We even have eco friendly bling for those final finishing touches!

To compliment our fashions we have selected a range of cool, eco friendly ethical gifts, jewellery and the very best of eco bedding and linens to help you sleep and dream away the stresses of the 21st century lifestyle.

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Organic & Fair Trade Clothes

There are plenty of new and beautiful eco-friendly, organic and fair trade clothes for you this Autumn! Green Shopping can take your mind off the inclement weather, the deteriorating environment and Europe's rotten economy!?

The New Collections

We have a NEW collection of ladies dresses from Fashion Conscience, Fashin Coscience, frugi, Natural Collection, jeans, shoes, tops, lingerie, jackets, accessories, shirts & blouses from ethical fashion houses like:

Gringo, Lalesso & People Tree. Dresses made from natural cotton, wool, bamboo & hemp, designer clothing from new and upcoming design houses such as Komodo, Jackpot, & Del Forte. Shoes made from recycled rubber and leather materials, see Terra Plana and Vegan footwear by Melissa. Our child & baby clothes include super eco brands like Frugi and others, see the ethical child. Our eco baby clothes are made to be gentle, soft to the touch and natural, all are eco-friendly & free of nasty chemicals.

Not Just Eco-Friendly

However, we DO understand that the eco clothes wearer desires stylish and fashionable clothes - we ensure that all the fashion we sell gas bags of style and plenty of quality.

Climate Change is not made up!

"Climate change is with us. A decade ago, it was conjecture. Now the future is unfolding before our very eyes. The Inuit people see it in the disappearing ice and permafrost. The shanty town dwellers of south & central America and Southern Asia see it in storms, floods & tsunami's. Europeans see it in disappearing glaciers, forest fires and deadly heat waves.

Scientists see it in tree rings, ancient coral and bubbles trapped in ice cores. These reveal that the world has not been as warm as it is now for a millennium or more. The three warmest years on record have all occurred since 1998; 19 of the warmest 20 since 1980."

In the UK 90% of the population say that they do what they can to reduce their personal energy consumption and ask how can we do more? The European community have outlined a plan to reduce Europe's energy consumption by 20% within 15 years. However, this is not just a major UK or European problem but a Global one.

So what can YOU do?

Green UK believes that it is preferable for our clothing and footwear to be ethical, organic and environmentally sound as well as stylish, fashionable and very well made. In a way that gives rather than takes from the population and the earth; we require our suppliers to maintain the dignity of the people responsible for manufacturing our clothes, to pay fairly and operate in good conditions. You will find that some of our brands trade fairly with the producers whilst others have a focus on the environmental costs of growing and producing the fibres and fabric necessary for manufacture. Some brands do achieve both these objectives and many are aspiring to. We offer these pioneering brands to our customers from those suppliers which are tackling directly on one or more of the ethical issues involved in eco-friendly fashion production.

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Coats and jackets

Eco Coats and Jackets - Keeping Warm!

Dresses, skirts from Natural Collection

Dresses and Skirts - feeling eco!


Lydia Floral Print DressMarie Cream Dot Dress

Fashion Conscience: Please enjoy the new ranges from Fashion Conscience, Green UK's newest retailer, the eco, ethical, and vegan fashion retailers. Some great eco brands stocked including vegan shoes by Melissa, Jeans by Del Forte, sustainable fashion by Komodo and Jackpot, and fair trade clothing from Gringo, Ruby Rocks, Elvis Kresse and Bibico.

New eco clothing by Fashion-Conscience
Monkee Genes new from Fashion Conscience
Jeans from Monkee Genes Stylish eco clothes by Gringo
Cami's by Lifes Not Fair Fairly traded Clothing
Camisole Sets by Life's not Fair Fair Trade Dresses from Lalesso
Ciel Dress eco jackets
Urban Chic by Skunkfunk Jackpot Jackets

Latest Offers


The new collection is now in, gently leading your wardrobe into the cooler months, reworked vintage, retro style, micro dots and organic cotton being the primary themes.

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Ethical fashion is best explained as an approach to the design, sourcing and manufacture of clothing which is both socially and environmentally conscious and Sustainable. Ethical fashion and ethical products should promote the use of environmentally-friendly materials & production processes, as well as providing good working conditions and a fair wage for people employed in the industry, conditions we take for granted in our everyday working lives. It is without doubt the only way to go for fashion and general production.

Our aim at Green UK is to be part of the movement that finally rids the world of the criminals that rely on the exploitation of child labour, sweatshops, and the mismanagement of our planets resources, and then have the gall to con us with their advertising, in order to make their obscene profits.

You cannot save the world on your own, but together we can make a difference.

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Natural Collection Clearance
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