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Our children's ethical clothing range demonstrates our real concern for our environment and those involved in the sourcing production & delivery of the finished ethical or organic or fair trade clothes. The Quality and feel of our eco-friendly children's products is of utmost importance, we always check the ethical integrity of each brand.

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Green UK believes that it is preferable for fashion to be ethical, organic and environmentally sound as well as both fashionable and very well made. In a way that gives rather than takes from the population and the earth; we require our suppliers to maintain the dignity of the people responsible for manufacturing our clothes, to pay fairly and operate in good conditions. You will find that some of our brands trade fairly with the producers whilst others have a focus on the environmental costs of growing and producing the fibres and fabric necessary for manufacture. Some brands do achieve both these objectives and many are aspiring to. We offer these pioneering brands to our customers from those suppliers which are tackling directly on one or more of the ethical issues involved in eco-friendly fashion production.