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Soon be Spring !

Sadly, the lovely weather will soon be melting away! It must be time to check out the newly arrived spring collections from Green-UK. These new ranges and great deals are hitting our desks right now - the new stuff can be found here at Green-UK. Buy it now before your friends do!

African Print Clothing

NEW: African style dresses

Browse some of the best ethical designers and organic fashions available on the UK, nay...World market right now.

There are plenty of new and beautiful eco, organic and, of course, fair-trade clothes to keep you looking STYLISH and COOL through the err....summer months!

We have a NEW collection of ladies ethical dresses, organic jeans, eco shoes , lingerie, jackets, accessories plus shirt & blouses from ethical fashion houses and brands such as Gringo, Jackpot and more. Dresses made from natural organic cotton products, wool or hemp, designer eco clothing from new and upcoming designers such as Fashion Conscience, Seasalt and Terra Plana.

Ethical fashion is fashion which takes into account not only the clothing but also the people behind the clothes we wear, and the environment [MORE]. All our clothing, jewellery or accessories meet our strict guidelines, all our suppliers are expected to give something back to their communities/ workers and use natural products wherever possible. Our suppliers design with the ethical consumer in mind, our clothes come from a range of ethical fabrics and cloth, 100% organic cotton, much of it certified organic cotton. We have ladies jumpers and tops made from 100% wool, with no added chemicals, dresses made ethically. Our baby clothes are made to be soft and natural, all are eco-friendly & free of nasty chemicals.

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Gorgeous Dresses by Elena Garcia@The Natural Store
Elena Garcia Evening Dress
Striking burgundy dress by Charlie Boots @ The Natural Store
Charlie Boots reversible bamboo dress

WOMENS organic clothing


We feature a stylish range of womens organic clothing from some of the best eco fashion brands & retailers, including:

The Natural Store - Home to the World's Finest Ethical Brands

Natural Collection Clearance

Natural Collection started out looking to create a way for consumers to support sustainable innovation and great product ideas. Natural Collection offer a good selection of eco-friendly products - including organic, fair trade and eco friendly products from brands such as Komodo, People Tree, Nomads and many more...

womens organic topswomens organic jacketwomens dress

The Natural Store Sales

A company where every item is specially selected because it is ethical in some form, be it - Fair Trade, Local, Natural, Organic, Recycled, Reclaimed, Vegan, Vegetarian or Vintage.

Natural Store salenat store sale 2nat store 3

Fashion Conscience Clearance

Fashion-Conscience only stock designs which have an ethical and eco dimension - be it recycled, organic cotton, non-toxic, fair trade, sustainable, vegan or non-exploitative

Visit the organic & ethical clothing page at Fashion ConscienceVisit the eco bags page at Fashion ConscienceCheck out the eco tops on Fashion Conscience

Green UK believes that it is preferable for fashion to be ethical, organic and environmentally sound as well as both fashionable and very well made. In a way that gives rather than takes from the population and the earth; we require our suppliers to maintain the dignity of the people responsible for manufacturing our clothes, to pay fairly and operate in good conditions. You will find that some of our brands trade fairly with the producers whilst others have a focus on the environmental costs of growing and producing the fibres and fabric necessary for manufacture. Some brands do achieve both these objectives and many are aspiring to. We offer these pioneering brands to our customers from those suppliers which are tackling directly on one or more of the ethical issues involved in eco-friendly fashion production.

Marie Cream Dot Dress

Eco-Friendly Green Brands

See all the new stuff at the Natural Store

All our brands are doing their bit!


womens organic knitwear

Organic Knitwear

Fair Trade Shortsleeve Paisley Print Mini Dress

Ethical Dresses

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